New mobile UI makes Send take me to an advertisement page and breaks the mobile room

This is ridiculous, I’ve been using the new mobile layout for maybe 30 minutes and four times so far using the send button for chat has not opened a new tab, but taking me in the current tab to what must’ve been an advertisement page. I never clicked on any advertisement and there was no advertisement anywhere near where I was tapping. This is clearly a bug with a new mobile UI and it makes it basically unusable. I want to be able to track with people but if I do that it breaks the room. When I try to go back to the page to see the room, nothing works so I have to close the tab, re-join the room from the link and then it restarts the video from the start. Please undo this new mobile UI!

Thanks a lot for your bug report! There was in indeed an issue with the chat send button. I just rolled out a fix. Could you please check if it works better for you now? Thanks!

PS: You can also hit the enter button on the keyboard to send a message.