New Idea - Fix the Maximize Cams feature

Remember when you actually could maximize cams it would pop right out on the top left of the screen, now it pops up in the bottom where you manually have to drag it, and if you even try to drag the cams the user bar follows as well. Fix your site dude because you keep breaking it with these pointless updates and we’re really getting tired of it.

Thanks for your feedback. What do you mean with “the user bar follows as well”?

They drag the scroll bar where the user list is at when you’re trying to drag the maximized cams

Ok, thanks… i’ll look into that!

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Just rolled out a fix. Have a look!

thanks florian. this was also annoying me

It’s broken again for the re-design, same issue as last time.

Thanks for your feedback. It should be fixed now. Was related how the user bar is technically hidden on the site.