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This website is in no way associated with Watch2Gether. Please decide for yourself whether you would like to open it.

The W2Sync extension looks a good idea but doesn’t works very very well , so a nice idea will be to have the associated with “” which is the best platform actually to put a lot of clips of gaming we create, so we can watch it here on Watch2Gether!!
I hope you guys listen to me, i think that will be awesome and the best colaboration or association with.
Have a nice day.

Cool thanks for that input. I’ll build an integration asap.

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Wow! that sounds like it was easy… Could you add Bandcamp… For our listening parties that would be great!

Thanks for your input. Im not sure if they provide a way to embed their player and crontrol it from another website. But i’ll have a look :slight_smile:

Merci Florian pour ta réponse… (Wait@See)