Need help, block ip?

Hi. I need help. Site not to load. Has included in the browser VPN, everything works. I contacted the support service provider. They said that the provider of the beeline or only my ip was blocked, only you can solve this problem. Russian provider.

Hi… there shouldn’t be any IP block in place right now. Can you give me the exact error message that you see when you try to access the site?

Same problem here.
I am from Russia, my provider is Beeline too. Watch2Gether hasn’t been loading for good amount of weeks by now. It just loads infinetely. On Chrome it just says “Connecting…” in bottom left corner, and after some time it gives ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

I honestly thought that W2G has blocked access to Russian users, so I just got upset and tried to move on D:

My provider told me, the problem is not with us. Asked to write to you in support for help. With the expansion of VPN, everything works. Do you need any more information?

Hi, Watch2Gether is not blocking users from any country. No reason to do so… It could be that there are connection problems from your provider to Cloudflare (used by W2G as reverse proxy) Could you run a traceroute from your computer and send it to me? If you don’t want to paste it here, you can send it to

Please check the following for instructions:

Sorry for disrupting the thread again since I’m not the topic starter, but I really do hope that the problem could be solved for me too :c

This is what I am having

Thanks a lot for your input. What does it say in English after the lines after the * * *
It seems like the connection is timing out after hop 7…

I stopped it, thought that 7 tries are enough to show that it doesn’t work ^^’ It says request timed out.

Hey. Screenshot by Lightshot

After 30 - Trace completed

Thanks a lot! I filed a support ticket with cloudflare. I’ll keep you updated when i hear any news!

Ok i got some feedback… It seems that Cloudflares IPs are being blocked by some Russian ISPs (such as Beeline in this case). The block is not directly related to Watch2Gether since there are many websites served through the blocked IPs. You can find more info about this here:

You can also verify the block through Beelines tool: when you type in

Unfortunately there is not so much that i can do about this at the moment. Russian users are very welcome to Watch2Gether and i will think about options to restore connectivity in the future.

At the moment, there is no problem solving? If I use VPN, the site and video very much hangs, lags … :frowning:

Hi… the IPs are blocked by your ISP and there is no way i can influence that. You could try to get in touch with them and ask them about it… not sure if that helps. So unfortunately there is no short term fix for it.