Names over messages

Can we have the old style of messages, a little setting to hide them would be amazing.

Me and some friends dislike how names are on top of each message in the newest update, it was nicer before.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. The new layout helps when users have long usernames and provides often more space for the message content. Do you dislike it mainly for the visual impression or are there any functional issues related to it?

putting what you said in mind it does make sense the way you made it, i guess it was just visually different to us and that’s all, nothing functionally wrong.

Thanks :slight_smile: Let me know if you find anything else in the latest update!

I’d second the original feedback that the names over the chat messages makes the chat less dense. I find myself having to scroll up more to read what people have said. The larger font size is fine (although being able to adjust it would be nice) and the names over chat messages is fine (although personally i’d prefer the old way since i know who is speaking), but together they pretty severely reduce how many messages fit on the screen at once.

Right now for me I can see only 2, single-line messages. 3 if all of them are from a single person.

Also fwiw I never ran into the problem of names being too long, since they already need to fit below your avatar.

Thanks for your feedback. I‘ll collect some and then see how to further refine the layout!