My suggestion + needs

Hello! I often share my favorite videos with my friends, and my friends also share the videos with their friends. We will discuss together when we watch the video together. I sometimes use whatch2 to play videos for my friends, because when I send them the link, they can see the video without downloading any software, but whatch2 also has a disadvantage for me: the link People have to change their names,
But some of my friends don’t know much about computers. They don’t change their names, so I don’t know who is who.
I would like to ask, can we use Facebook to log into what2? This way we don’t need to change the name, just click the login button to enter the room. With everyone’s Facebook name, we can know each other who is who.
Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! You can’t log in through Facebook but you can sign-up for a free Watch2Gether account directly. This way people will always join with the same name.