My Laptop Crashing when somebody pauses the video

Hi! My laptop randomly freezes totally if somebody just pauses the video in the room. (I need to force restart all the time.) What can I do against it? I’m using Chrome.

Did Watch2Gether work for you before? Does it also happen when you run Watch2Gether in an ingognito window? Are the videos your are watching from YouTube?

Well on other PC worked perfectly the all website but on this laptop nahh. :cry:

I tried Youtube and Vimeo also, doing the same on all.

Does it work when you open Watch2Gether in an ingognito window?

Yes, I tried it just now and same happend. :cry:

Can you do the following: when on Watch2Gether, right click on the site and select “Inspect”. In the dialog that opens, select the “Console” tab. Take a Screenshot of the Console after the Crash happend and email it to