My friend got someone elses Username, and random people joined our room

Hi! My friend and I was gonna watch videos when he got someone elses name instead of the name he selected, and then he tried to rejoin a few other times and got another name he did not select as well. And random people joined our room even tho I had only sent the link to my friend.
Is this something that has happened to someone else? Is it a bug?

Hi an thanks for your report. No this should not happen… are you 100% sure that the URL to the room was not shared with anyone? How did you share the link with your friend? (Messenger, Facebook,…?) Did the other users that joined the room interact with you or did they just appear in the userlist?

I shared it through our chat in discord, so only he should’ve gotten it. Most of the people who joined just left or we kicked them, only one of them added a video to our playlist.

Thanks for the details… Sometimes the tools that you use for sharing a link are using bots to generate a preview of a site. In case of Watch2Gether these bots can sometimes show up as users in the user list although they are not real users. I you send me the link to your room to i’ll have a closer look. Did this happen again in the meantime?