Music playback cross fade

I think there should be a music crossfade option on here to blend your playlist . And the ability to talk to your listeners in your room .

Thanks for your feedback, i’ll think about your ideas. Would be like a virtual DJ system?

Yes but not Quite . Doing so it doesn’t take you into another genre of your platform

I think it’s a nice idea. It would however require quite some work since you need to have two players running at the same time to fade between the audio tracks. Right now the instance of a player is removed once you start a new video.

maybe have them overlap and dynamically cross-fade the opacity with the volume?

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Exactly my thoughts . Like where you can limit the amount of space between songs

How difficult would it be to let the users add more players to a session? This would not only allow people to crossfade (and thus make the experience more DJ-friendly), but also to mix videos mash-up style (I know some people who’d appreciate that). Of course there would also need to be a universal volume panel, controlled by the users, which affects all of the listener’s audio.