Multiple buttons/functions missing from page

I jumped onto Watch2Gether today and joined my friend in a room and the chat is stuck on the page and the add to playlist button is missing from vid suggestions. I can only now play vids and not add them to the list (I rebooted, Cleared Cache, and Cleared Cookies and still is busted)

Gif of the issues:

As you can see that chat and user panel is stuck open with no-buttons to disable + not being able to see the + icon to add a vid to playlist

Thanks a lot! That is helpfull. Which browser are you using?

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

If I clear site data it works, but as soon as I open the chat it gets stuck forever unless I clear again…

Don’t know if this helps but here is the errors in Console:

Thanks for your feedback. Does it help when you open the room in an incognito window? Sometimes browser extensions can cause these kind of issues.

PS: I removed the screenshots to protect your privacy.

DANGIT, Now I need to findout what extension, that worked

Edit… MOTHER**** yep… that was the issue… a PDF client another user added onto the system… i hate everything

Thank you dear <3

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I’m gald it’s working for you now. Would you mind telling me what kind of PDF client caused the issue?

Was this one: FormSwift PDF Editor

Thanks a lot… it’s probably not a good idea to use that extension in any case.