Multiple bugs on Android smartphone

Hello guys, today i decided to use this website on mobile as me and my gf are living really far from each other (more than 8000km :frowning: ) so i do need this website. We’ve tried it together on mobile and the experience was good! However we have decided to watch a film someday using this service, so i decided to create a custom room and all…

these bugs are found on Android mobile platform using Chrome browser with the default settings, do not consider the Desktop or other platforms.

Here the bugs come:
• If you full screen, you cannot go back to normal view (I’ve done everything possible, if i press Back button on my device it just doesn’t do anything so if i tap it twice, it refreshes the page as it goes back to the room). I’ve tried using Deskop site feature within Chrome and it kinda works better (still buggy) but to be honest i don’t want her to do all of this stuff (also because the website will look tiny in this mode);
• You cannot add to playlist. I tap on the button that appears but nothing happens.

Hi and thank you for your feedback! The full screen thing is a bit tricky on mobile devices since i don’t have much control over that. On my device the back button works. To get the back button on screen (i have no hardware buttons) i have to swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.

Regarding the playlist: I just tested it and the selected item was added to the playlist as expected. Did you check the playlist after you pressed the Add button?

Yeah that’s how it may work the full screen, thanks.
Mh… Still not seeing the playlist. It’s ok for now, i don’t need it much, we still have the history.