More flexible narrow screen layout

Having a tall, narrow window means the majority of the space is taken up by the chat or playlist, with a relatively small part of the top dedicated to the playing video and a tiny strip for the cameras. Depending on the use case (watching videos, listening to music, just chatting with no media at all…) the layout doesn’t offer very much flexibility. I commonly will put W2G in a thin, tall window on the side of my desktop, allowing me to focus on something else while still being able to see people’s cameras. Unfortunately, this usually makes it narrow enough that I can’t resize or move the camera streams around, which is frustrating. I understand that the @media directives in the CSS are designed to make the site usable on mobile, but there are legitimate cases where you want a narrow screen without losing the ability to e.g. break out people’s cam streams.

Suggestions in no particular order:

  1. Always make it possible to break out cameras and move around / resize.
  2. Provide a camera-centric layout (w2g is a competitive video conferencing tool!)
  3. Provide a way to shrink or hide the video iframe (sometimes it’s completely unnecessary e.g. for audio only streams) or replace it with the camera stream(s).
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Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions! I agree that the mobile layout needs some improvement and I will consider your input for the next development steps!

i agree plz let the user decide to change the secreen size

What do you mean with “change the screen size”?