Moderation Help

Hello. So people in the room I set up keep pausing, playing and skipping the video forward. Is there a way to stop them from being able to do that?

Yes, there is! Open the sidebar menu. (Icon in the top right in your room) Scroll down to the moderation section and tick the “Player” checkbox. Hope this helps…

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Good morning Florian! Thank you for your help just now with the email address change :slight_smile:

I have the account owner “Player” setting ticked, but when I log out to view as a Guest member, I am still able to rewind/fast forward the video using the arrow keys. Other members continually are advancing the video by accident and I thought I could eliminate the problem using the Player setting, but it still seems to effect it.

Are there any other options to limit or eliminate guest member video controls?

Thanks again!

Hey, thanks for the report. You are right this is indeed a bug. Although i have to say that users were only able to skip the video for them self using the arrow keys when moderation is enabled. I have just rolled out a fix that should resolve this issue - Florian

Wow, that was fast!

Perfect, thank you :slight_smile: