Moderated Channels Aren't Moderated

I usually invite loads of people when I want to listen to music etc, and it seems like people can just pause and skip as they wish even when the channel is set to ‘moderated’.
I had it working maybe half a year ago or something. I guess my question is: is it something I am fucking up or is w2g glitchy or not supporting this feature anymore?


The moderation should work. Can you send me an email to florian[@] with the link to your room so that i can have a look?

Thanks a lot. I made some adjustments to the system. Can you try and check if you still have this issue?

That fixed my problem! well, half way I guess, he is now unable to start/pause/skip the videos, but he is able to edit the playlist, the changes he does to the playlist aren’t visible before the page is refreshed. I’ll gladly assist in solving this if there’s anything I can do, but my main frustrations has been banished by you, my brave hero!

Thanks for your feedback. Just for clarification… Are you dealing with some unwanted visitor who is actively trying to disturb your room?