Mobile issue with account and room list

I think theres a bug in the mobile version evertime i gett disconnected it signs me out of my account and when i return the room in my directory dissapears i have to open a whole new tab and relog in to get the room to appear in my list again other users are also getting disconnected but only when on there mobile devices i use a mobile hotspot which is why i think it happens worse then others but they seem to have this issue on there phones there might be a small bug i believe idk id appreciate if you looked into it especially now i know other mobile users in our room have a similar issue thank you

Thanks for your big report. What do you exactly mean with “get disconnected”? Does it mean when you leave the room and want to return later?

Do I understand correctly that you are using a laptop which is connected though a mobile hotspot?

I mean like when u use the latest browser chrome on android it connects a few seconds or a feŵ hours later and it says you have been disconnected in a closable prompt window and the room will buffer and spin for hours once you close it ive done all the normal stuff like clearing the cache and on my end as well as others on there mobile devices it they still get randomly disconnected from video and mi
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