Mixcloud bug and Trovo

We cannot get live streams from Mixcloud to open in w2g. The prerecorded things seem to work, but not live streams. Also there is a new streaming service called Trovo (the logo has beta in it) https://trovo.live/ that we would like to get in our rooms.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I just build a simple integration and you should now be able to embed Trovo live streams in a Watch2Gether rooms. Will look into a closer integration for clips & and Mixcloud live streams later.

Happy Holidays Florian.

Any updates on being able to embed Mixcloud streams in a Watch2Gether room?

Happy New Year.

Thanks for checking back. It seems like Mixcloud does not support embedding streams into to other websites at the moment. => https://help.mixcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013505520-Frequently-Asked-Questions-about-Mixcloud-Live

Once this has changed im happy to include it in Watch2Gether!

Hey now, trovo was doing fine and now they have a message about whitelisting the domain. I figure you have to check that out. They have a page about it here: Trovo Embedded Player and Chats | Developer Portal . Any help would be great, thanks.

Thanks for your feedback! I contacted Trovo about whitelisting Watch2Gether. Let’s see. Do you have issues with Mixcloud as well?