Microphone Trouble

Hi! Everything had been working just fine until recently. We faced a problem with a microphone. We used to be able to talk simultaneously. But now, if my friend’s mic is on, he cannot hear me. Once he turns it off, he can hear me. So we have to turn on and off the microphone in order to be able to communicate. Help!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Did you recognize some kind of pattern when the mics work and when not? It would help to get browser and version from both of you.

Yeah, there is a pattern indeed.
When my friend’s mic is on, I can hear him, but he cannot hear me.
When his mic is off, he can hear me, but I can’t hear him.
Both of us use the latest Google Chrome version 88.0.4324.182.

Everything worked just fine. But then this microphone problem occurred :sob:

Are you only using the microphone or webcam and screen share as well?

We use only our cameras and microphones. We tried that “screen sharing” feature once and that’s it. It might have happened after that…

Thank you! I just tried to reproduce the issue but so far everything worked fine for me. But since there have been some changes to the webcam system recently it could very well be that i overlooked something.

Does this only happen on your friends side? So when he turns on his mic as well you can hear him well but he can’t hear you anymore? Or is the whole connection broken meaning that both of you can’t hear anything?

I rolled out an update today. Can you check if you still have this issue?