Microfono y cámara no funcionan

Hola, Disculpen, no hablo inglés. Yo y mi novio como una vez al mes nos pasa que su micrófono y cámara no se escucha ni ve siendo activadas y permitidas. Porfavor necesito ayuda. Nuestros navegadores son google chrome.

Traducción de google translate:

Hi, excuse me, I don’t speak English. My boyfriend and I, about once a month, it happens to us that his microphone and his camera cannot be heard or seen if they are activated and allowed. Please I need help. Our browsers are google chrome.

Does he see his own video? If not it could be that access to the camera as been denied. While on Watch2Gether, click on the “Lock” icon next to the URL bar and make sure cam and audio are set to “allow”.