Max 500 videos in a playlist

hi, i have been using this website for almost a month now i think, if not more and it always worked perfectly. i have a playlist with arount 560 songs in it and it always played everyone of them, now when i add the playlist, it blocks at 500 and won’t add the other 60. is it a problem on my side or the site itself?
this is the playlist

Thanks for getting in touch! There is currently a limit of 500 items per playlist. But I’m going to remove this limitation with one of the next updates.

ok thanks, when should the next update come out? (by the way, really like the speed on how those replies are sent ^-^)

I can’t give an exact timeframe yet. The update involves a bigger change in how the backend is structured. But I’ll update this thread when I have news on this!

well didnt need an exact date anyway, more like “next week/month/months”. but sure, i’ll wait for news, goodluck :slight_smile: (uff there is no css in this text :c)

I would say within the next 2 months :slight_smile:

Oh ok, thanks. i’ll keep an eye on this thread sometimes

hey a bit more than a month passed, are there any news ^-^?

hello? any news regarding this?