"Manage Playlists" window not working properly

We (myself & several friends) have recently found that the “Manage Playlists” window is not working properly (as it did a few days ago). One cannot scroll down through all their playlists - only the first 15 are displayed, meaning that any below that cannot have Title edited, Autoplay checked/unchecked, or Deleted. Also, it isn’t possible to add more playlists. Is this a bug? Or a recent change made to limit us to 15 playlists? I’m using Windows 10 Pro & Firefox browser - I’m not sure what others are using, but I don’t think it’s always that combination, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem limited to my OS &/or browser. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for your bug report. This should be fixed now. Please reload and check… Let me know if you find anything else!

Yay ! Seems okay now! Thanks for the fix & the quick response!

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