Make ads that aren't always moving? And on the video itself!

Have ads that don’t have flash/gif because that slows down computers and causes lag.
Have ads that don’t popup on the video itself! I get random wide ads that popup annoying on the video itself while im relaxing back in my chair. I don’t mind the ones on the side, but please fix this!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. The ads you see on the videos are put there by the platforms (youtube, dailymotion,…) and not by Watch2Gether. So i have to say that i can not do anything about these ads. However, there are some plans to make the on-site ads less disruptive.

G’day Chillbro. You can use a browser extension called “Adblock Plus” (, which blocks ALL ads from YouTube. NO more ads playing before videos, NO more banner ads on the YouTube homepage, NO more ads in the related video list… and this is just on YouTube mind you, it blocks the majority of ads (99%), on the rest of the web too. Can’t live without it.