Major video lag?

Let me start this off by saying W2G has been perfect until most recently, keep it up guys! But basically, the site is suffering major sync lag when it comes to youtube videos. Friends I watch videos with also agree that it’s on their end, and have tested it on both mobile and PC. The video lags once clicked and skips for the rest of the video, even if I pause to try and let it “catch up”. Internet connection doesn’t seem to be the issue either, and this has never happened to any of us before. I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if there’s a possible fix to this that I’m not seeing?

Can you post a link to a video where you see this issue?

It’s actually been every video, doesn’t matter which or the duration, it always skips the beginning and even when i pause for a full 10 seconds to try to let it catch up, then i unpause and it still continues skipping.

Thanks… the video sync is now much tighter than before and therefore you see a bit more skipping after a video has been started as the system tries to get everyone in-sync. But after a little moment the video should run smoothly. Does the video keeps skipping for you throughout the entire duration?