Loud beep in between videos

When I’m playing a video from YouTube, sometimes there is a loud beep when it starts loading the next video. I use this for background music/ambiance so the loud beep kinda ruins it :confused: Any idea on how to fix it?


Hi and thanks for your feedback… Can you reproduce the beep tone when you reload the same video or is it totally random? Do the other users in the room hear the beep as well?

I am unable to reproduce the beeps. Other users in the room hear them as well, and I also noticed last night that the beep is the same sound that is played when a new user joins the room. It only seems to happen when a new video starts automatically in a playlist. There is no beep when manually selecting a video to play.

Ok, i see what you mean. The sound is always played when something happens in the room and the tab of the browser Watch2Gether is running in has not the focus. Users can individually disable the sound in the menu (click icon in the top right) “Notification Sound”. Right now there is no option to disable the sound for all users in the room at once. I’ll think about that…