Looping Videos

I’ve been using watch2gether to synchronize background music for an online dnd campaign, and it serves that purpose excellently!
The only thing that would make it even more convenient would be if there was some sort of toggle-able option to automatically loop the current video when it finishes playing, rather than switching to the next link in the playlist. This way, I wouldn’t need to keep an eye on the video tracking bar to make sure we don’t suddenly end up with something playing that wildly changes the atmosphere of the game. Are there any plans to add that sort of functionality?

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Hi and thanks for your input. There might be a feature like this once the current development work if finished. As a workaround you could create a new playlist and add the video you like to loop a couple of times to that playlist. The same video would then repeat until the end of the playlist is reached. Maybe that helps?

This does not work. It just auto-pauses the playlist if the same file or link is repeated again.

I just tried it with a couple of Youtube videos and it worked fine for me. Maybe you give it another try, there was Player upgrade which might make a difference…

There is now a native looping function. You find it in the player menu!