Looping playlists?

Hi, i was wondering if there was a way to loop a playlist - so that when the last video on a playlist finishes, it automatically plays from the top once again.

If this isn’t a function already (which i wasn’t able to find) i think it would be a great idea, it would mean i can truly leave my favourite playlists to run by themselves without have to go back and reset it each time one finishes :slight_smile:

If this is something that already can be done I’m sorry, but i don’t know how and would love to! Thanks a lot, first time posting - hope i didn’t break any rules!


Thanks a lot for your post, I’m happy to hear your opinion. Right now the playlists finish when the last item has been played. I will consider your idea the next time I work on the playlist code!


Thanks alot! :slight_smile: cant wait! :smiley:

Yeah i don’t understand why playlists don’t loop by default