Loading Screen will not stop

I use Watch2Gether a lot with friends and such but recently I am unable to connect to any rooms and I cannot create any either, I have seen other people with this same problem as well and it would be a massive favor if you helped everyone out because this problem seems to persist.

Other Info:
1: I am using Google Chrome version 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit)
2: I have cleared Cache and those things
3: This problem has emerged only from yesterday and today

This is what happens when I attempt to load, it stays on this screen forever

The ring still moves so it is not a problem with loading the page

I have also tried using Microsoft Edge which also does not work

Can you open this page and give me the result of the test:



Thanks a lot, that’s very helpful. Do you use some kind of security product (e.g. personal firewall) on your device or in your network?

Not that I am aware of but I will check now

No I cannot find any unless there is one I have not seen

Thanks for checking. How are you connected to the internet?

I will implement a fallback connection method asap which will help in your case as well.

I use an Ethernet cable connected to my PC, Virgin Media

I just rolled out a fix that might help in this case. Can you delete your browser cache and try again? Please let me know if Watch2Gether works for you now. - Thanks!