Lag when Speed up Twitch Videos

When playing Twitch Vod Videos and trying to speed up the playback speed (through the Twitch API player, as there is no button nor option in the W2G player), even though all members set manually the same speed multiplier, the video keeps rolling back, probably to match the W2G player timestamp which progresses at normal speed.

This makes it really uncomfortable to try and watch a sped up VOD. I have only noticed it not working when playing Twitch videos, whether when playing YouTube videos it displays the speed button in the W2G player and reacts how it is supposed

Thanks a lot for your feedback! You are right, this is exactly what happens. The player runs on an internal time code and tries to sync the player back to the intended position. I will check if Twitch’s player API allows to control the playback speed. Then we could add official support for it.

Thanks for replying so fast! I hope you will be able to confront this issue easily without investing too much of your time on it.
The platform works pretty fine! Great job on it!

I just double checked the API and unfortunately i can not control the playback speed from outside. Therefore it’s going to be difficult to support this feature officially.

Oh, bummer. I guess that means there’s nothing that can be done and we’ll have to stick with this unfortunate condition, I hope it doesn’t at least for too long! Thanks for your time and your support!

I was thinking that maybe if the W2G API had enabled the playback speed options buttons when playing Twitch videos, just like the Twitch API does, maybe manually setting both video players in every member of the WatchParty at the same playback speed will make both progression bars (Twitch & W2G) go altogether and therefore dispatching this lagging effect that takes place when trying to match the current video time.

Yes, this would somehow work. But it requires users to set the playback speed on Watch2Gether and then additionally each user individually has to set the playback speed in Twitch’s player. That would be a quite horrible user experience…

Yes, I agree it wouldn’t be so sharp, but it would allow users to watch sped up VODs, although through a kinda sloppy way.

I do think it is better to have the option rather to be unable just because is not perfectly user-friendly.