Kick Chat Members


It would be very useful to have the ability to kick members of a room. The person I use the platform with browses in incognito and each instance is permanently added to the room. Removing them without banning them (such that they can rejoin the room if necessary) would be an appreciated feature.

Banning them would increase the number of names in the ban banner and has caused some issues with them joining in the past.

Moderation mode doesn’t work because it’s just the one person.

Thank you.


Hi, the owner of the room can enable “Members only” in the moderation section of the sidebar menu. When enabled new users have to be approoved by the owner before they can join. Does that help?

Unfortunately, the members only flag doesn’t solve the issue in my case.

There are only two people that use my room: myself and my friend. He doesn’t wish to make an account (due to browsing incognito to avoid tracking cookies, in general) and it has caused many versions of him to join over time. Member’s only mode would only let me stop a new version from entering, it wouldn’t help me clean up the room once that session is done.

I tried banning the old versions, but it not only ended up preventing him from joining on a new instance, it also kept all of the different versions in the ban list – shuffling the issue without solving it.

To solve this, I would need a channel feature to eject members of the room such that the room forgets they were ever there in the first place.

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Has this not happened? Is this not a thing?