It's anarchy? Add queue and vote skip

So right now, unless I’m missing something there’s no way to force videos to queue. Whenever someone adds a new video the one currently playing is stopped and replaced with the newly added video. So I end up with people fighting over what is playing.

Also a vote skip feature should exist.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Right now there is no vote system. You can however, as the owner enable moderation in your room. (Click on the menu icon, top right, enable moderation for the function you want.) By enabling moderation for “Selected video” and “Player” people can only add to the playlist or “suggest” videos. Maybe that helps?

Ideally for my situation I would like just anyone to be able to queue a video, if someone adds a new video it goes into a waiting list, if it turns out to be something the majority don’t want to watch they can vote skip the video. Absolute perfection for myself personally would look something like the following:

Although that’s just me. Perhaps I’m still somewhat missing the point.

Wow, thank you! You even made design for your idea! I understand your concept and the value it would bring to Watch2Gether. Right now im only a bit afraid that the site would become to complex for first time or less experienced users. But i will for sure keep this in mind and think about it for a moment. Maybe there is a way to integrate this in the exiting playlist system…

Yeah, I understand where you’re coming from also it may be totally contrary to your vision for the platform. I understand this. If you were in agreement that it could be a good thing to implement or if you receive similar requests from other users. Maybe you could consider something like a “mode” select in the settings. Like a drop down form to select which behaviour the room uses (this could even be a premium option). Not sure if that would alleviate any confusion for the users.

Thanks for the response though florian, consider this case settled if you have more pressing issues to address.