Issues with service on low MBPS speed connection

Hiya. I’ve been using W2G lately, and I’ve noticed a recurring issue that’s caused considerable difficulty:

The preferred quality setting changes itself back to the highest setting, every single time.
I have <1mbps speed internet. I have no control over this. Having W2G reset to 1080p 60fps after every 2 second video destroys my connection, and by the time I’ve gotten it reset to the lowest setting, the video’s already minutes in and my friend has to start over the video since I missed so much. This also has resulted in some minor syncing issues.

I have no idea why the service pushes the highest setting after every video, but it’s extremely frustrating.

Hi and thanks for your feedback. You are talking about the quality settings of Youtube videos? These are done automatically by Youtube depending on your connection speed.

But Youtube remembers preferred video speed - I keep mine at lowest and YT doesn’t change it. However, in W2G, it was defaulting to max setting every video, however the issue seems to have been fixed. Maybe it was an issue on YT’s end?

Yes, that could be. Im glad its working now!