Is there any way you can mute webcams

I would like to see a future where you can control the volume of webcams or either mute them as a whole. Thanks

The… volume of a webcam? I’m not aware that there is even a microphone feature and there might not be but saying there is… there should be an option for it already. And assuming there isn’t any mics… how do you mute a webcam?

Hi there, when you move the mouse cursor over the Webcam video of a user, you should see a volume icon. Click on it to control the volume of a user. There is no way to mute a webcam completely, but I agree that it would be a good idea to have this option.

hmm i see. Is there anyway you guys can also Implement Private messaging and an option to chose to cam up with out microphone

I think those would be great ideas to implement, especially if you dont want anyone to hear you while cammed up if your really secretive about stuff and such

i like this site so much but i don’t know how to enter this rooms …it’s only docs topics

Hi… you can find a general explanation about Watch2Gether here:

How to use Watch2gether?