Is there any way to set the playlist to "add only" to prevent ppl from messing with video or playlist deletions etc?

There is a big moderation issue in my opinion.

i set the playlist to open so everyone who joins can add videos. But it seems they can also delete Videos off of the playlist, change the playmode (shuffle, vote, in a row) and even delete the playlists as a whole (which is a really big oversight imo)

so my question is, is there any way to set it up so that everyone is allowed to add videos, but only mods can delete videos or switch and delete playlists?

If not can you please add this feature in the future?

Hey, thanks a lot for your feedback! You are right, the permissions should be a bit more granular and we will improve this in the future. As a workaround you can enable moderation for the playlists and ask non-moderators to “suggest” videos by clicking on the suggest button in the search results. This will create a video suggestion message in the chat. From there an admin can decide to add a video to a playlist. Hope this helps.

this is how i have it currently set to sometimes. but its not optimal. still thanks for acknowledging the issue. glad to see this will be improved in the future

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