Is there any way to disable user mics?

Hi, I just started using the site and so far I like it a lot. We are trying to stream a pre-recorded concert in one of your rooms and while testing it out, we aren’t able to stop users from clicking on the mic button and possibly interrupting the stream with their own audio. I could mute a user individually but I realized this only mutes them on my computer and other users can still hear them.

Aside from banning users who interrupt the concert, is there an option to prevent people from enabling their mics and interrupting the stream? Thanks in advance.

Hi & thanks for your feedback. We will implement such an option soon. Currently the cam / mic system is automatically disabled when there are more than 10 users online in a room. Maybe that helps to you already .

Thanks for the quick reply. We are definitely hoping to have more than 10 people join so I guess it solved itself, and I look forward having that option in the future for smaller rooms.