Is there a way to backup the playlists of a room?

Seeing how our little room is attracting attention from within our server (Linux Cafe, for the record), I’d personally feel at ease if I could backup the playlists of a room from the UI, as users could destroy all we’ve built in 2 seconds.

Following this, this could be another endpoint for the api: /api/rooms/ROOM_ID/playlists, or you could send it over in the initial websocket connection…

Thanks for your input. Do you know that you can enable moderation for your playlists? When enabled only the owner of a room can manipulate playlists.

I do, but that wasn’t really what I was hoping you’d say. I’d love to code a bot for our room that dynamically appends playlists in a DB live, but in the meantime while you’re creating the API, I was hoping for a solution you provide. I’m guessing there isn’t one currently?

Queria muito que fosse possível salvar uma playlist, como se fosse o youtube, para por o link ou apenas clicar nela e executar as mesmas músicas, sem que eu precise criar uma playlist no youtube para depois importar aqui no watch2gether

Thanks a lot Manoironico for your feedback as well. I’m not sure if i understand you correctly (using Google Translate). Do you want to play a video on repeat without using a playlist?