Is there a method to view the playlist as text

I want to copy the song names in one step (like ctrl + a).
Is there a way to just view the song names of the playlists

could look like this:

artist - songname
artist - songname
artist - songname
artist - songname

so you just can copy the song infos.

Thanks for your input. Right now there is no such view. What would be your use case for this?

to export playlists that just exist in w2g rooms
since there is no open API access

I understand. I’m planning to build a new playlist system which allows better reusability of playlists (for example in other rooms) at the beginning of next year and will think about a way to export data. Thanks for your input!


Could you notify me once the new playlist system is online?

Thanks for your comment. I’ll notify you once its available!

did you implement it yet?

Still working on it… Sorry that it takes longer than expected…

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