Is it possible to use Chromecast?

Apart from a few questions in the support network I can’t see reference to it, and it’s not listed under the “Plus” benefits. I’d like to host a watch party of a recent show we performed and would like users to be able to watch on their TVs. I’d also be glad of instructions as to how to use it.

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Hi and thanks for getting in touch. There was a Chromecast integration but it’s not active at the moment since it’s was not working very well. There are plans to reintroduce it but i’m afraid it will take some more time. If you have a smart TV you could try to run Watch2Gether on the Browser of your TV.

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Hi, I opened watch together in a chrome tab and then casted that to my Chromecast

Tried that. Unfortunately the video buffered and the sound wasn’t in sync. :frowning:

Any update on this?
It could be nice!

I would also like this, any updates on priority?

I dont think it gets updated because these “delay” of the audio and w2g isn´t aiming for that.