Is a visual revamp on the works?


This service is great, but I and friends find it not only old-looking but also clunky. Now that did updates that removed functionalities, it’s a great time to snatch users that are unhappy and changing from its services. Rabbit and gain a lot of points when it comes to its visual looks, the presentation, and how seamless it all looks (especially andchill tv) but they have faults too. Andchilltv seems to not have had updates in forever, and it only supports YT and Twitch. W2T can do so much more, and I’m sure the site could become much more popular and the go-to watch things if it looked new and slick.

Just my 2 cents, and wondering if there’s anything in the pipeline for that to happen :eyes:

Thanks a lot for you input! I agree that Watch2Gether might not be the sleekest looking website out there. It became, however, home for many groups of friends that spend a lot of time together in their rooms. It would therefore not be a good idea to create a total makeover and introduce a completely new interface overnight. Having said that, i can assure you that Watch2Gether is under constant development and that there will be improvements to the UI for sure. What is the biggest design issue for you that needs to be addressed?


Well, it lacks stuff like customizable pages. Reddit has this scheme of allowing Group mods to create a unique section for themselves in the entire website.

Also users are allowed to do the same with their own webpages.

Thanks a lot for your input. The central piece of Watch2Gether are the rooms which can be customized by setting colors and a background image. Did you try that already?

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My two cents, and I work tangentially in the industry, in that I’m an art director, I’ve done a certain amount of web, and the costs can get out of “site” when developing rather easily. I’d prefer that they keep costs as much as possible for site development over UI. if it works? Than I think it’s lovely!. I’m just so grateful that something’s here A.R. (after Rabbit) that I don’t care how it looks. Now I don’t say that about any other design, but you guys get a total pass in my book, you’re golden just for being here. (I sure hope you get to see these changes because something occurs to me later, like the following.)
Despite saying this? I did the tutorial, and I set up a room, checked the options, played with them a bit. And there is something insulting about what I said. I think? I was more responding to outer sensibilities than what goes on inside. There’s some really nice designs, and for those who feel they must “customize their space” W2G provides that, plus more ideal colors to ensure legibility. Great move. Looks really nice, too. I think they did a great job.

Which leads to MY question (am i changing a thread?) i’ll move it.
I can see how the extension works… reminded me a bit like Rabbit’s, so wasn’t hard to understand. Got that installed. I also read the part that this isn’t a “broadcaster… etc” — well there is always someone picking something… i mean if i am with my friends i’m sharing something they want to watch they aren’t going to change it… and either we all be quiet for it, or we stop viewing it and talk but not both at the same time.

So if it’s my turn to supply the viewings, I want to use my Plex Media Server, which worked perfectly with the Rabbit extension, (I know Watch2gether isn’t them) but didn’t at all … just spun around and around… aimlessly like it was going to do it forever and never play it… so, seems to me, it’s not working w/ Plex.

Are you guys familiar with Plex Media Server? Are there any plans to introduce it? (see why my hopeful heart wants more R&D than UI? lol)

Thanks for any help or answers at all.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! :slight_smile: Can you describe in detail how you would like to use your Plex Media Server in Watch2Gether? I assume that this is an instance that you host yourself in your home network?

Well…and forgive me for invoking the name Rabbit again, but I must if I were to describe it properly.

First, launch the Plex MS, and it will launch an interface in my Chrome browser window, showing my media library. I would select something, then have it begin to play in its own browser window. Rabbit’s Chrome extension supported it I guess, because the next step was – Using the Rabbit extension choose the tab that had your media running, and then if every thing goes right, rabbit would play it in your room.

So I tried this with the watch2gether extension but as I said, it just spun and spun until I realized it wasn’t recognizing it and I stopped.

I had wondered if you would be developing that capability with the extension.


Forgive me, but after I had written all of that? i go back to watch 2gether community and came across something interesting…the W2gSync app! wow… Maybe it’ll work in this instance.

Thanks a lot for you input! I think i’ll install a Plex instance and have a look :slight_smile: