iOS Mobile Support

A group of my friends use Watch2Gether as a way to all share and listen to the same music. We have all ran into issues when attempting to access the site via mobile using iOS. We are all on iOS 13, with me personally being on iOS 13.5.1. We are all using Safari, although I have tested in both the Chrome and FireFox apps.

When we load up the room, we can see the chat, playlists, and can control which song plays as well as pause/play. The issue we have is the video does not play and no audio plays from our devices, all while it actively plays from the desktop browser. Essentially we can control the room but receive no output through our devices.

Is there any type of setting that we need to adjust or is there an issue that can be investigated and fixed?

Thank you for your active maintenance and support of Watch2Gether as it has become very useful in our daily lives recently.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Do you see a thumbnail of the video in the player? Or is the player just empty? On iOS it can happen that you have to tab on the first video you would like to play in order to activate the player.

I see the thumbnail of the video in the player. If play/paused are triggered from the phone browser, the video begins playing on the desktop versions, however nothing plays (video or audio) on the iPhone.

Thank you! Does the video start when you tab on the thumbnail? (This might be required once per session)

Sorry for the late reply!

If I interact with the player frame on mobile I can get the audio/video to start streaming on the mobile device. There is a difference in latency, with the mobile version typically a few seconds ahead of what is streaming on the desktop version, but that is slightly to be expected.

I have encountered a new issue though:

If I manually change the track on desktop, it does not update for the mobile device playing it. However, if you change the track from mobile, it does change what the desktop is listening to. The auto-play capabilities match up between the two devices.