Influx of unverified accounts trying to join members-only room - is this a problem?

There has been an influx of unverified accounts trying to join a private room shared with me and two friends. I didn’t post the link anywhere past the initial invitation months ago, but I’ve had to prevent approx. 8 of these accounts from joining this past week. Not to sound like a tinfoil hatter, but is there anything causing this that you guys have heard of? And could it be a problem?

Thanks for your feedback. Are these users actually interacting with the room (writing messages, selecting videos)? Often these kind users are caused by some kind of bots (security software installed on device for example) Please keep in mind that a new users i created sometimes when you join a room while not logged into your Watch2Gether account.

Thank you for the reply. And thankfully no, because of the ability to approve or deny users, I haven’t had one actually been able to come in yet.
I’ll check if anything on my end could be creating bots unintentionally, thanks.