Infinite loading screen

hi so. no matter what i do i just get an infinite loading screen, w2g doesnt register me in any parties i join, i cant create rooms, basically it just. isnt working…
tried to troubleshoot by doing the following:

  • using operagx (tried multiple other browsers and the same problem still. problemed)
  • tried using incognito, disabling all browser extensions, clearing cache & user history, restarting my computer 2 no avail
  • web socket test showed that web sockets are working 4 me

would attach an image but it isnt letting me

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I just checked the systems and everything seems to be okay. When you see the loading screen, could you make a right click on the screen and select “Inspect”. Do you see any error message in the “Console” window that pops up? You can send me a screenshot of it by email to - Thanks!