Increase volume above 100% for direct videos

Most video platforms normalize the audio anyways, but when playing video files directly or watching movies, the audio is often very quiet. If you have access to the video object and thus the audio stream, it should be quite easy to increase the volume (see here: javascript - HTML5 Volume Increase Past 100% - Stack Overflow).

Not very important, but would be a nice addition.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Interesting idea! However, most of the embedded players run in an iframe and therefore in a different context. So it’s unfortunately not so easy to grab the audio from the video object.

I was just talking about direct video URLs. If the user takes the stream URL from i.e. some streaming site that links to a .mp4 file, you have full access to the video object within your own player application. I understand that it’s quite impossible to implement when you just use the iframe-based player API from an external service.

The problem especially exists for movies that were ripped from DVD or BluRay which I quite often do to host it on my webserver to watch with friends (which is completely legal to do in my country). The audio is usually optimized for surround systems and very quiet. So far the solution was just re-encoding the audio via ffmpeg, but a checkbox within the room settings that would allow the player volume to go above 100% would be awesome. Maybe a limit set by the room owner (maximum of 400%?), using the AudioContext-based solution I linked above?

Just marking it as opt-in or “experimental” would also be great to just test it out in practice, a “feature preview” (like GitHub has: would be quite useful for stuff like this.

Thanks a lot for your input once more! I’ll have second look and check if this can be implemented in the player.

Always glad to help! And thanks for all the great support, very rare to see with projects this large.