Inability to scroll down on mobile

Title pretty much says it all. I can type and send messages, but I can’t see any messages below because W2G doesn’t allow me to scroll down. A couple of other friends of mine have been having this issue for a week now. Any plans of it being fixed? The site is basically unusable on the phone at the moment.

Thanks for your feedback! Which OS / Browser / Version are you using on your phone? If in doubt, please visit:

Hi! It says I’m using “Chrome 84”. I’m using an LG Stylo android phone. I’m assuming this is an issue inherent to android devices since my friends are also having this issue with theirs.

This should be fine. I tried to reproduce this issue but the message field scrolls fine for me. Can you describe the issue a bit more in detail?

Before sending anything, I can scroll down just fine. But once I send a message, the webpage doesn’t allow me to scroll down to see any of the messages. I’m not sure what exactly is happening as the site worked just fine before this, and I’ve never experienced this.