Import playlists from Google Takeout exports

When exporting your personal Google data using Google Takeout, you get your YouTube playlists in this CSV format:

Playlist ID,Channel ID,Time Created,Time Updated,Title,Description,Visibility
PLtnP62Yk9yHUxxxxxxxxxxxxllH4kbjLZ,UCUnD-6xxxxxxxxxIxseeL8g,1984-01-01 13:37:00 UTC,1984-01-01 13:37:00 UTC,3kl,,Unlisted

Video ID,Time Added
dQw4w9WgXcQ,1984-01-01 13:37:00 UTC

Since the YouTube API only returns the first 100 videos, it would be awesome if you made it possible to import this format into a playlist.

While thinking about this, an even better solution would be to just allow the user to import a list of URLs, like this:

Thanks for that input. Cool idea to import playlists through Google Takeout! Never thought of this… will have a look!