Images in watch2gether rooms (in chat.)

A nice thing to have would be able to upload an image into the chat while watching watch2gether. I’d love to be able to do this as I find myself unable to use all my reaction images to videos when in watch2gether. Perhaps you could add this? Maybe add like a mb limit on images and gifs like 8mb? Something like that?

(Perhaps not gifs as thats a plus thing but you know… images at least?)

Hi Luna, would you like to post these images into the chat messages or display them in the player (where the videos are shown)?

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In the chat messages. Like say I’m watching a video and I was unamused by it instead of just telling my friends that I’d rather just post an image like this in the chat.

Understood :slight_smile: Will think about it and how i could be implemented!

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A first version of this feature is online now. Check it out!

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Very nice. Took a tiny bit to find out where it was but it functions as intended. Thank you.

Also wanted to ask. With the UI updates you’re planning will rooms look very different in terms of design?

There will always be changes and improvements. But i will not change everything from one day to another.

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It might just be me but the images seem blurry in chat?

Hi… the images have to be compressed quite strongly so that they can be transfered over the chatstream. Its best to use images that don’t have too much detail. I’ll try to improve the quality with the next releases as well…