I'd like these 3 bugs to be corrected

Hello, I have to report 3 problems that I found:

  1. dailymotion videos dont have audio.
  2. when I put a new video, other users dont hear the audio (youtube), so I have to put another random video, then put back what I wanted to see to make everyone feel.
  3. w2gsync does not work, when loading the direct link of a movie from my server or from other sites, it does not work.

I hope you will settle everything as soon as possible. thank you so much!

Hi and thanks a lot for your bug report!

#2 … does this happen every time with all other users when you select a Youtube video or just sometimes with some users?

#3 … Can you send me a link to a video which is not working to florian@watch2gether.com ? I’ll have a look then.

#2 sometimes, but its more the time that it happens rather than when this procedure isnt needed, its like 90% unfortunately.
#3 i have sent an email.
thanks for now!

Thanks… regarding #1 & #2 i will roll out an update at the beginning of next week which might have an impact on these issues. Let’s talk then and see if that changes something for you.