I think i found a bug

Hello there
I think i found a bug. If i want to watch some videos with my friends, it doesn’t synchronize. If they chose a video i don’t see it, but if i click on a video it changes it for them, but i also can’t see it.

Thanks for your Feedback! Do this happen with chat messages as well? Or can you always see each others chat messages?

I also don’t see them, even if a player joins i can’t see it until i refresh my browser

Which browser are you using? Do you have any extensions installed in your browser?

I use Google Chrome, but i also tried it on other browsers like Firefox or just the normal internet explorer.

In Chrome, can you do a right click, select “Inspect” and post a screenshot of the “Console” window here? It’ll help me to find the cause of your issue.

Yes sure, you mean this?

Or maybe this one

oh wait never mind it works right now

But thank you very much for your help