I got Ip banned from Watch2gether

Hello there.

A few minutes ago, I was watching some Videos with some Friends und W2G. We couldn’t decide the next Video, so everyone spammed the left mouseclick on a Video.

For fun I used a program, called SpeedAutoClicker to let it do the work.

I know it sounds weird, but it would be good if I get at least to know, why I for banned.

On no site, it’s not allowed to use a programm like this. This is actually new for me. Sry for my english, still learning.

Have a nice day!

Hi there… first of all: You should have been unbanned by now. Using an auto-clicker will cause significant load and requires additional resources on the server side of Watch2Gether. Therefore the number of clicks that you can make per second are limited and if you continue to generate clicks your IP is banned for a certain amount of time. You should have received a warning saying “Please slow down.” Haven’t you?