I cant join a room or have someone join mine

when i try to make a room or join someone elses room i always get a message that says “invalid access code”

Please make sure to NOT copy the room link from the browser’s URL bar but from the field in the top right corner of the room.

Opera Snapshot_2021-04-13_140314_w2g.tv

Does that work for you?

works but I had this issue too and we thought it was just a broken feature. perhaps it would be helpful to have a notification on screen or modify the URL bar with the correct link to copy in order to preserve the usual interface because this had us skipping watch2gether for days thinking it was an issue that would be fixed

This is still causing trouble for people, even when the link is copied properly.

Thanks for your feedback! You mean people get the “Invalid Link” message although the URL is copied from the top right corner?