I cant cam or mic up due to poor connection is there work arounds for this?

I use android chrome 120 on android 13 platform its never been this bad before idk wat to do i cant cam up or even just use my microphone i get disconnected everytime if any one has any ideas wat this is please let me know

Hey, what do you exactly mean by disconnect? Do you get an error message?

I have friends who experience the same problem not as frequently as me but only on there mobile devices and they both have the latest android version as well as use chrome

Thanks for the screenshot. Does this happen while using the room or when you switch to a different app or browser tab and then return to the room?

It happens if i signed in and the room pops up in the room list ive been able to join the room but as soon as i try to mic up or cam up sometime as soon as i enter the room that pops up and i have to refresh almost over and over again it does do it if ur a guest too cuz another user doesnt have a account i also see it sometimes without a account in a guest account but it works the most for me

Are you connected through WiFi or mobile network? Does it make a difference when you switch between networks?

I might have an idea where this is coming from. Do you have an estimate of how many users are typically online in your room?

Our room usually has 5 to 7 users max that come in regularly but mostly on the low end like i said about 4 or 5

Do you have the impression that the disconnect happens more frequently when there are more users online in the room?

Yes it does seem to happen more often when there is more people in the room

Okay one last question. Does It make a difference whether you are connected through mobile network or WiFi?

I dont have wifi to test it but i think it works on wifi better cuz other users who get that same error said they dont experience it on wifi