I can no longer add youtube videos to my playlist

I can’t seem to add youtube or vimeo videos to my channel. Acid Jazz Channel. Also its been 2 years since we asked for an embed function. So I’m assuming I’m not getting that! I would be willing to pay up to 10 dollars a month just to play unlimited videos, no more than 2000 loaded at once, on random play that I could embed. Your random play seems to be better than the service I use primarily at www.threeriversonline.com. I would put Watch2Gether on top of the page if I could embed something.

Thanks for your input. What happens when you try to add a Youtube video?

Nothing. If I type suggestion, the video ends up in chat. But still not on the channel. Usually it appears as the last video.

Any luck so far? Not much of a channel if I can’t add things to it.

I checked the system and it works fine for me. Do you have the same issue when you create a new room?

Is there a limit to how many vids you can add? I did subtract one video and I was able to do an add. But you try it. Here’s a video. Add it to my channel. Miles Davis ~ Joshua - YouTube

Yes, there is a limit of 1000 items per playlist. Do you have that many items in your list?

Yep I guess I do. Maybe I should start looking for another service.

You can create multiple playlists. Each one can hold 1000 items.